Salty Zombies ARK servers are one of the few ARK Cluster that hosts all 12 maps. Each map is 100% PVE. Maybe sometime in the future, we will get another server for PVP. We have a lot of Mods and Plugins that add a ton of cool features and improvements:

Our ARK Server Features

Structures Plus S+
Dino Tracker
Awesome Spy Glass
Dino Storage V2
Shiny Dinos
HG Stacking Mod
Sids Hybrids
Explorer Note Tracker
Castles, Keeps Remastered
Castles, Keeps Science Fiction
Vote Rewards
Exo's Garden Decor
Dino Healing Brew
Krakens Better Dinos
Sids Hybrids
Items + Companion
Crystal Isles Dino Addition
Ark Addition: The Collection
Soul Traps
CM Modern RP Wardrobe
Inventory Backup System


Our ARK Server Settings

XP Rate: 2.5
Gathering: 4.0
Taming: 5x
Cave Building: On
Corpse Timer: 1.0
Foundation Support: On
Custom Player Weight Capacity
Custom items Stack Sizes
Dropped Item Decay: 1.0
Fishing Loot Quality: 1.0
Per Platform Max Structures: 1.0

Max Dino Level: 150
Max Tek Dino: 180
Mating Speed: 1.0
Mating Interval: 0.1
Max Tribe Size: 8.0
Egg Hatch Speed: 10.0
Baby Mature Speed: 10.0
Baby Cuddle Interval: 0.18
Baby Imprinting Stat Scale: 1.0
Baby Cuddle Grace Period: 1.0
Baby Cuddle Lose Imprint Quality Speed: 1.0