Donor Ranks


You can support and help pay the bills by subscribing to one of the Rank packages below. Each Rank gives you better perks and monthly gifts.

Please Note:

You must be LOGGED INTO OUR SERVER when you purchase. Your donor rank and coins will come automatically.

To receive your items and dinos, type /groups in the game to verify that the store pushed your rank change through. If your Rank shows up in your /groups, go to the in-game shop (F3) and click on the "yours" tab. The kit will appear there. The kit can only be redeemed once, so be sure you have 7 spare inventory slots and are not carrying a ton of weight.

For your Rank to activate correctly, you must also have your ARK account linked to our Discord Player Self-Service Channel.

Ensign Rank
10.00 USD
Corporal Rank
20.00 USD
Sergeant Rank
30.00 USD